As with every time the Japanese magazine Newtype shows spoilers about the series, this time we bring you the synopsis of episodes 62 and 63, along with working titles for episodes 64 and 65. From them you will be able to note some spoilers, and above all, the appearance of a Supreme God. What is this all about? Let’s take a look at them.

Episode 62

Title: Protect this world! Trunks’ superpower explodes!

Super Trunks is having a hard time fighting Black and Zamasu. In the meantime Goku and the rest return to the present time, and Vegeta affirms that they cannot defeat Black and Zamasu in hand-to-hand combat. Yet, Piccolo figures out another solution.


Episode 63

Title: Do not contaminate the Saiyan cells!

Vegeta’s tough fight begins. In his eagerness to defend his future, Trunks almost loses his life fighting against Black and Zamasu, but when he is about to get killed, Goku and Vegeta show up once more to save him.

Episode 64

Title: Bow and behold…The birthing of Zamasu’s fusion!

Episode 65

Title: Judgement day?? The true power of a Supreme God.

Let’s remember that these titles and synopses are not official, but they are reliable, since the Japanese magazine NewType’s been publishing these spoilers from the beginning of the series, and only once made a mistake. On the other hand, our theory about the fusion between Zamasu and Black was correct, and seems it’s the Supreme God that is mentioned in episode 65.

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Now, two extremely powerful beings (one being immortal) merge. How are they going to be defeated? So far, the Ma-fuu-ba seems to be the only solution that won’t get Trunks, Vegeta and Goku killed (at least for now). It also seems that this is Piccolo’s solution to Vegeta’s question on how to defeat the villains in open battle. 

What still keeps us thinking is that Goku has yet to use his best techniques against Zamasu and Black, since he still never attempted to use a Spirit Bomb (Genki-Dama). Still, we must consider that in the future there are very few people alive, but maybe he can use the energy of other planets, or maybe Goku thinks that Black and Zamasu won’t allow him to use it, or else, he may think that Black knows what a Spirit Bomb is.

The truth is that it becomes increasingly difficult to think of other solution than the Ma-fuu-ba to stop Zamasu. Could a fusion between Vegeta and Goku defeat a Supreme God?