At the moment, Trunks seems to be all the rage and that is what everyone is talking about. However the series is reflecting on the main villain of this series, and also this week we came out with a couple of interesting points that were really discussed in the social networks. what about now, we all know that Zamasu switches bodies with Goku and Goku Black and proceeds to go to the future timeline and recruit a monster (his future self), after killing future Gowasu. He is recruiting for the zero mortals plan, but these two have the same motives, but for different reasons, and here are a couple of interesting things about this character in particular and really what makes him a unique villain.


Zamasu’s hatred

We all know that Zamasu’s hatred really began when he found out that Trunks was using the time machine to break the sacred rule of time travel, that only the Gods should be able to do. This hatred was furthered, when he was humbled in battle by son Goku after finding out the Super Dragon Balls. He even devised a plan to kill Gowasu, stealing his creations earrings, taking the time ring that Trunks created, using the time machine and heading into the future after stealing Goku’s body using the Super Dragon Balls.

Trunks and the time rings

Recall that Trunks is responsible for the time ring that Black is wearing, because when he used the time for traveling, son Goku catches a hot bar that is when this time was created, so that, it is how Goku Black eventually came to be. Goku would go to meet Zamasu and the hatred of present Zamasu, to son Goku, will grow and with this would prompt him to use the Super Dragon Balls to steal Goku's body. So what if he heads to the future as I said earlier, he goes and meets Future Zamasu, now when he meets Future Zamasu, after killing Gowasu he has to keep in mind that Zamasu in the future has never even met son Goku, so the Zamasu from Trunks’ timeline has never even seen son Goku, so this version of Goku Black is the first he has seen and this is where these two characters have been different.



Below you will find a video further elaborating the information we have discussed here, offering further insight. Enjoy.