After the epic premiere of the long awaited chapter number 62, of the iconic series of "Dragon Ball Super," finally, we have seen the great battle that had to face Super Trunks of the future against the fearsome character of the series better known as Goku Black. However, the power of the current villain remains much higher, so that the Saiyan of the future opted to become the "protector warrior" which would protect the future, allowing his teammates (Goku and the other warriors), to return as soon as possible to the present and find the alternative to defeat the imperial villain.


The plot

In this chaotic context, the Z warriors must find a way to end with the evil in the future being a likely option (the famous Mafuba technique), which was used by the master Roshi and now used by Son Goku. However, will this technique be useful enough to end Zamasu? Just a few minutes ago, it revealed: the official summary of chapter 63 provided by Fuji TV, and I'll discuss below.

The official summary of Chapter 63

Chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super is titled: '' I will not ever let you harm the Saiyan pride '' (Vegeta fights with all his strength).

This episode will be released in Japan, exactly next Saturday, the 22nd of October. Son Goku and Vegeta have finally finished with their training. The first has mastered the technique of Mafuba, while the second has finished his training in the room time, considering obtaining a reward powerful enough to deal with Black again. In other words, Vegeta will have prominence again in the series. In the context of Trunks and Mai, they manage to break into the lair of Zamasu.

In the progress of the next episode, we can see how the Z warriors, travel back to the future with all the energy to fight with the fearsome villains again.


Meanwhile, Goku is ready to battle, he delegates all battle to the proud Saiyan, who apparently is struggling with the same level, against the Saiyan Rose. Will it be the decisive moment of Vegeta? We remind you that it is likely that the series would have more chapters than expected.


Below you will find a video further elaborating the information we have discussed here, offering further insight. Enjoy.