The 17th tome of the manga has been released, and is being translated. As of now, we only have general ideas of what’s going to happen in it.

Let’s analyze it

Gowasu and Zamasu travel to the planet Babari to study the behavior of its inhabitants. Gowasu reveals that the time travelling rings are barely used, mentioning that the last time someone used it was 400 years ago, before he ascended into Supreme Kai. Zamasu seems to understand what these rings are, and the concepts of the timelines and parallel worlds, but is unaware of these relics true power. Gowasu explains to him that the user can travel to the future, and return to the present time, but that it is impossible to travel to the past, since it is forbidden.


If a timeline is divided, meaning that a new one is created, it affects all the universes.

Then Gowasu explains that the first parallel timeline and the resulting ring were created as a result of a time machine created by a mortal from an advanced civilization of the 12th Universe. Zamasu then realizes that there are 4 time rings in the top lane of the box of the rings, meaning that there are 4 timelines. Gowasu remembered only three of the rings the last time he checked the box, but now it seems that someone has recently created a new time machine.

Then Gowasu makes a joke about the pothala earrings, saying that a fusion resulting may last for a thousand years. While watching the behavior of planet Babari’s inhabitants, Zamasu starts to reveal a deep hatred for mortals. In fact, he eliminates one of the creatures of planet Babari in a more crude way than the one we’ve seen in the anime. At the return to the present time, Gowasu strongly reprehends Zamasu for his actions.

Back at Universe 7, the Z-Warriors are playing some sort of virtual reality karting game.

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In this game, kid Trunks ends up first, seconded by future Trunks, while Beerus ends last and destroys the joystick. In a sort of subliminal message, we can see in the list of players the letters AF, which would correspond to Pilaf’s name, but Beerus' long ears hide most of the name. Let’s remember that  Dragon Ball AF was one of the mangas previously released by Toyotaro.

Then Vegeta and Goku encourage Trunks not to worry, since they will defeat Black and restore pace in the future. Then we see future Trunks and Vegeta training in the gravity chamber.

In the meantime, back at Universe 10, Zamasu checks his God-Tube (a device similar to a computer), and watches the battle between Goku and Hit. Gowasu asks him why is he so interested in a mortal that is stronger than a God. Zamasu shows him that even Zeno was in that tournament, a fact that surprises Gowasu leading to conclude that maybe that tournament was more important than what he supposed. Then, Zamasu asks about the Super Dragon Balls. Back at Universe 7, Beerus summons Supreme Kai and asks him about a God that may have turned evil.


The God of Destruction believes that Kibito has some wrong ideas about the mortals (since he remembers his sayings in the Supreme planet, in Boo’s saga). Beerus says that Kibito has a suspicious face, but Goku tells him that his thoughts are improbable. At that time, Whis receives a message from Dai-Shikan, telling him that Zeno is summoning Goku before him.


At the end of the tome, they travel to Zeno’s planet using Supreme Kai’s Kai-Kai (the same technique we’ve seen in the anime). As a curious fact, Beerus tells Supreme Kai not to die when standing before Zeno, since both the God of Destruction and Supreme Kai’s lives are linked. This may lead us to think that if the Elder Kai dies, nothing will happen. This makes sense, since he is not a Supreme Kai anymore.