Finally, the Shonen Jump magazine has come out with its classical weekly synopsis. Let’s recall that this is an official magazine of the Dragon Ball franchise, so each spoiler and synopsis released comes from an official and reliable source. Having said this, let’s get into episode 63’s synopsis:

Official synopsis of episode 63, according to Shonen Jump magazine

 Title: Don’t contaminate the Saiyan cells! The courtain goes up in the intense battle of Vegeta!

With the Saiyan pride in his heart, Vegeta challenges Black Goku! Now that an innovative solution has been found, Goku and Vegeta return to the future where Trunks is fighting against Zamasu and Black, and the prince of the Saiyans challenges Goku’s evil counterpart.


This week, Trunks: The restoration of the recipient broken by the Ma-fuu-ba…

Zamasu destroys the time machine and the Ma-fuu-ba recipient. What special skill will Trunks use to restore the broken recipient? As we can see, this time Shonen Jump magazine leaves us with plenty of spoilers about the time machine, the Ma-fuu-ba recipient, and the rage of Vegeta while fighting the false Saiyan Black.

The destruction of the time machine is surprising to us, since this will make the return of the Z-Warriors to the present time really hard.

And it seems that it is not the only thing that will be destroyed in this next episode. The recipient that was to be used to seal the villains is also destroyed. Yet, it seems that Trunks has some sort of idea to restore it. While all of this happens, Vegeta fights against Black, who calls the villain “false Saiyan” and accuses him of contaminating the cells of his race, since the body of Black is “stolen."

It seems that episode 63 will determine many things. Let’s see how Vegeta uses all his might to manage the fight against Black, and how the first attempt to use the Ma-fuu-ba fails with the destruction of the recipient, along with the time machine.

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Should the Z-Warriors win, how will they return to their former timeline? If the recipient can’t be repaired, how will they perform the Ma-fuu-ba? The ending of this saga is getting more interesting with each second that passes.