For many fans, the new return of Future Trunks to the saga has left a big question that has not been entirely revealed, as is the origin of the villain Black Goku. In the first instance, we can see that Zamasu is responsible for having gathered the Dragon Balls and that Zeno Sama awarded him the body of the Saiyan (Goku), but in an evil version. Recently, a Japanese source close to Toei Animation and Bandai confirmed that Zamasu has absolute control of the body of the evil villain better known as Black.


According to this source, Zamasu has not died, as has been rumored in social networks and different media. It is said that in the next chapter it will be confirmed -- what has happened to this strange and powerful character of this series of Dragon Ball. However, what bring us here, it is a new revelation regarding the God of destruction. As is well known, there have been many questions about this God. Next, we will be talking about what has happened to this character.

The God of destruction of the universe 6

Many fans of the series of Dragon Ball Super have wondered about what happened to the God of the destruction of the universe 6 because he only made his performance in the tournament created by him.

But according to new revelations about this source, at the end, when all was said and done, he stayed in his universe, probably gathering more complete fighters that are prepared for death, because of a new tournament that is coming, in which they are in charge of demonstrating and protecting their pride, as they were the hosts.

Additional information

Bills Sama was the one who won the tournament and the one who also took the Dragon Balls. It has been confirmed that only Zeno Sama is the one who knows where Bills kept these Dragon Balls, for anyone being able to collect them and make the wish as Zamasu did in the future, to acquire powers of the supreme Gods.



Below you will find a video further elaborating the information we have discussed here, offering further insight. Enjoy.