During the days that the issue of "Dragon Ball Super" was stopped due to the special of Kochimame, in September there were some speculations about the possible extension of the present frame, in which the future of the planet is in danger because of the threat of Black and Zamasu. In this context, it appeared -- both volume 16 of the manga and calendar 2017, in which rumors about an extension of the series started growing. A lot of this speculation was born from the cover, in which Black appears as a Super Saiyan Rose, while 73 episodes were recorded by the end of 2016, it shows us that this saga of the evil villain (Black) could be extended until next year. According to the development of the series, this has lost all basis and immediately, it has emerged -- the most varied speculation about what could treat the next sub saga of "Dragon Ball Super."

The plot

As we have seen, this part of the series goes pretty fast, and many of the important issues have already been resolved, thus we can say that it could end at any time between episode 61 and 70.


One could even venture to say that it could end before that, and that in the possible final battle, we could witness an event never seen before in the story of Dragon Ball, nor the anime worldwide. It would not be strange because Zamasu is the kind of threat that demands a fairly radical and unusual solution, since as we could see, there was nothing that helped prevent the murder of Gowasu.

The possible continuation of the series

Although it is said that the new Universal Tournament could not be carried out after the eventual defeat of Zamasu, in drafting, we think that it could be in the next saga, as Dragon Ball is a tradition, the defeat of a great enemy continues an arc involving the tournament of Martial Arts or similar competition. Undoubtedly, this series of "Dragon Ball Super," promises the end of a year full of emotions finally coming to a close.


Here we leave you a video of Goku Black's secret and a preview of Episode 61. Enjoy it: