In this note we will show you a few images from Manga 17

The series has taken different panths in its two most habitual platforms, the manga and the anime. First, since it has a monthly release, the manga’s storyline is taking a more tranquil rhythm, being slightly behind the anime. Yet, at this pace, the manga will never reach the anime, unless an edition of about 10 episodes is released (something not probable). We believe that the most reasonable solution would be a weekly release like the franchise always had, with briefer and more concise tomes.


As of now, the manga is just telling how Trunks comes back to the present time. So, let’s take a look at the images leaked from number 17th and analyze its storyline.

The Manga

Tome 16 of the manga left us in the moment when Zamasu and Gowasu were about to see the future of planet Babari. In number 17 we will see Gowasu revealing to Zamasu the secret of the rings of time, and will surely travel to that planet. We will also see Gowasu watching the battle between Hit and Goku in some sort of device that resembles a writing machine with both display and mouse.

Zamasu seems to be frustrated to see a mortal with such power. In the meantime, on Earth, future Trunks (with his military style clothes), Beerus, Vegeta, Goku and kid Trunks are shown playing a karting race videogame.

It would seem that things on Earth are much more peaceful, since Black has yet to show himself and destroy the time machine. This leads us to think that maybe the using of Cell’s time machine in the anime, was just to fill up. At the end of the tome, we can see Goku being summoned by Omni King (Zeno Sama).


We conclude this, since Whis and Supreme Kai of Universe 7 are shown escorting the Saiyan to Zeno’s world.

At the doors of the planet is Dai-Shinkan, the Great Priest. Let’s remember that this character is one of the 5 more powerful beings of all universes. Let’s see what the manga has to say about this. Finally, the tome ends with Goku saluting. We expect more leaks in the next hours, so that we can have a better grasp of what this upcoming tome has to offer us.