This Trunks saga is leaving everybody with a lot of confusion, since there are many differences between the manga and the anime. First, in the manga, there are still no alterations in the timeline, while in the anime we got at least a new one. In this note we will show you who these 3 versions of Zamasu are, and which timeline is seeing each one of them. We will also analyze the new timeline number 5.

The varying timelines, and their origins 

It all begins in Cell’s saga, where we were able to see many time travels that left a varying number of timelines created by Trunks and Cell himself.


There are a total of 4 timelines. It seems that #DragonBall Super has created a new one, which we will name Timeline 5 so that no mistakes are made. The following scheme will explain who the 3 Zamasu's that appeared in the different timelines are. Let’s consider that so far, the continuity of 3 timelines is at stake.

Analysis of the situation:

Timeline 1: It’s the main storyline, in which Cell died at Gohan’s hands. We are not certain but around year 781 Zamasu met Goku by some circumstance (maybe when training with Kibito, as the manga explained), and this was reason enough to wish (to Super Shenron) to change his body with him and gain Goku’s strength.

This Zamasu kills Gowasu, obtaining this way the ring which he would later use to travel to timeline 2 to find the other version of himself, and develop his “0 mortals” plan.

Timeline 2: It’s the future in which Goku is dead and Trunks killed androids 17, 18, and Cell. Zamasu never met Goku because he is dead, (in fact, Kibito is dead also). He is in Universe 10 when the Zamasu from timeline 1 (already as Black) arrives from his timeline, and tells him about his plan, and about Goku. The Zamasu from timeline 2 learns of the Super Dragon Balls, and wishes to be immortal.

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From this point, at around year 774, both of them start killing the supreme Kai’s from the different universes of this timeline. The Trunks from this timeline comes back from timeline 5 with Goku and Vegeta to face both Zamasus (Black from timeline 1, and immortal Zamasu from this timeline number 2), at around year 797.

Timeline 5 (the new timeline): in this timeline Cell also died after facing Gohan, but around year 780 Trunks showed up (from timeline 2), seeking for help to defeat Black, forcing the villain to chase him.

Whis and Beerus feel that Black’s ki is similar to Zamasu’s (from this timeline) and decide to go to Universe 10 to investigate. Because Trunks travelled through time to warn about Black, a new timeline is created. After twists and turns, Beerus eliminates Zamasu from this timeline 5, destroying his schemes with him. After this, the Z-Warriros travel to timeline 2 to face Black and Zamasu.


Timelines 3 and 4 seem to have no room so far in the story, although we won’t discard that Zamasu may have travelled to these timelines to seek a living Goku to change his body with. Yet, we stand by our theory that the body of Goku that Zamasu possessed is the one of the present time.


3 Zamasu's explained

Zamasu (A): he achieves his plan, obtaining Goku’s body, and makes a pact with his other self from future Trunks' timeline, and together developed the “0 mortals” plan.

Zamasu (B): He never met Goku until Zamasu (A, Black) spoke of him. After that, he wished to Super Shenron to be immortal to carry on the plan of “0 mortals” with his other version of himself, from timeline 1.

Zamasu (C): He knew Goku thanks to Trunks (who travelled through time to ask Goku and Vegeta for their help, creating a new timeline in the process), but failed to kill Gowasu and obtain Goku’s body, since Beerus killed him.