In episode 64, we finally see the fusion of Zamasu and Goku Black

As the two combined to make a powerful new warrior, a few aspects of the entire arc came to mind and diluted the impact the fusion had. Perhaps the two lack the threat levels that Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu had, but something is off about this arc’s plot.

Here are five reasons why this arc’s plot is broken.

 1. Zamasu and Goku Black aren’t real threats

What promotes an enemy’s threat level are the repercussions wrought if the main characters lose to them.


If Goku had lost to Frieza, perhaps he would have proceeded to destroy Earth. The same applies to Cell and Buu. However, Zamasu and Goku Black aren’t only from a different plane of existence, but they also can’t travel to Goku and Vegeta’s world at will. They’re simply tough enemies that the duo wishes to defeat.

2. The power levels make no sense AT ALL

If Super Saiyan Blue is a level of strength only comparable to the gods, then how were Goku and Vegeta dismantled so easily by god chi-less Zamasu and Goku Black? Adding to the confusion, we saw Trunks transform into a higher level Super Saiyan that allowed him to fight both Zamasu and Goku Black.

What sense did it make for Trunks’ power-up to be as strong, or stronger, than Goku and Vegeta’s god transformations?

3. The introduction of “Mafuba” has brought many questions

If Mafuba was always available to the Z Warriors, then why didn’t they use it to defeat Cell or Majin Buu? Think about that.

4. Very questionable writing

Some of the writing of late has been questionable. It seems the writers were unable to find other reasons for Goku leaving the Mafuba pot, and later on the seal back in the present time.


Instead, they opted with “I forgot” – twice.

5. Plot is too confusing

Is Goku Black the Zamasu from a different time period and not the Zamasu that Beerus destroyed? Who is Goku Black exactly? If it’s too confusing for typical fans to understand, then the writers need to reconsider the plot.

What do you guys think? Has “Dragon Ball Super’s” plot been passable as of late, or does it seem broken?