Finally, a scan of the Shonen Jump magazine of this week has appeared, revealing exclusive data of the next episode of the Japanese series. So far, it seems that the name of the fusion between Black and Zamasu will not be a combination of both, but just simply Zamasu (as we told you in earlier notes)

Let’s see what details the scans have for us

 Title: Praise him, worship him! The stunning rising of Zamasu’s fusion!

Subtitle: The furious counter-attack of Goku and Vegeta!

Synopsis: The hard battle between Goku and Zamasu continues, while Vegeta and Black trade fists as well! In anger after seeing his injured son, the Prince of the Saiyans unleashes his wrath against the “false Saiyan," but suddenly the battle takes an unexpected turn.


 Zamasu this week: He turns his focus onto Capsule Corp!

While Goku and the others lower their guard, Zamasu attempts to destroy Trunks and Capsule Corp.

How will Trunks and the rest face this new threat?

This is the magazine’s official synopsis so far. Brief but revealing, it first shows us the hard battle between Vegeta and Black, in which the Prince of the Saiyans takes advantage after unleashing an overwhelming amount of power, fueled by the sight of his injured son. Yet the one that seems busy focusing on Trunks and the rest is Zamasu, who will focus his efforts in destroying the Capsule Corp.

Will he strike at the already ruined CC building, or will he strike at the camp Bulma has set up? If this last option is Zamasu’s choice, then Mai and Bulma are in danger. Of course, we suspect that none of them will die, but they may get injured, and this may further unleash the rage of both Vegeta and Trunks, and even Goku’s. Nothing is said about Zamasu’s fusion, but we expect it at some point during the episode.

There are also no mentions of the Ma-fuu-ba whatsoever. The last thing we know on this subject is that Trunks is trying to repair the broken case which will be used to seal Zamasu with some sort of “super glue." Will this technique be some sort of distraction, or will it have a decisive role in the series?