Finally, Zamasu’s fusion was shown at the end of episode 63, during the preview of episode 64. This fusion, as many have remarked, has an appearance that resembles more of Zamasu than Black. This has some sense of logic, since they are both Zamasu, therefore it’s natural that both his spirit and physical aspects are preserved. The Supreme God is finally about to arrive to the story. How will the Z-Warriors defeat this new and terrible foe? Will Trunks fix the case in time to use the Ma-fuu-ba and seal this fusioned Zamasu? Will Goku and Vegeta be forced to use the fusion as well? A commercial released while the episode was televised could be the key to understand the end of this future Trunks saga

Let’s analyze it

The commercial is about a battle between Goku transformed into SSBlue, and Black into SSRose for Dragon Ball Heroes.


Apart from his transformation, Goku is also wearing a yellow pothala earring. What’s odd is that we can only see him wearing it in only one of the animation sequences, and in the very next one, both of his ears are clear. Misleading commercial, maybe? A nod from Toei and Bandai about how this future Trunks saga will end? To further increase the doubts on this subject, Goku is wearing the clothes of the previous saga. This video has only appeared in the form of a TV commercial, but it's very confusing to us.

Now, if this scene is to be included in the series, then there are a few things we must analyze. First of all, the fact that Goku is wearing a pothala earring can only mean that he is ready for a fusion with Vegeta. This would explain why Supreme Kai from Universe 7 and Gowasu from the future are in scene.

Where is Zamasu’s fusión at this point?

We have a theory about what could have happened. Zamasu’s fusion will be too strong, so neither Vegeta nor Goku will be able to fight against him, and they will have to rely on the Ma-fuu-ba (assuming that Trunks will be able to fix the broken jar).


While performing the technique, Goku will lose most of his ki but he will not die. Nevertheless he will only be able to lock Zamasu in the jar, and Black will be somehow separated (as a consequence of the Ma-fuu-ba, we also assume). Now, Goku and Vegeta will have only one enemy to defeat, Black Goku, but though separated from his partner, he will retain most of Zamasu’s power, forcing Goku and Vegeta to use the Supreme Kai’s pothala earrings to perform the fusion, and be able to fight against him.

As we said before, this is just us being speculative with some facts, but we will keep you updated should any news come out.