Finally, it has appeared -- the scan of Shonen Jump magazine this week with exclusive information on the upcoming episode of the Japanese series. Apparently, the birth of the merger of Zamasu will not have a quirky name or title. The true name of this incredible and powerful merger will have the name as simple as Zamasu, as we already mentioned before. Next, we invite you to see the new details published by this important magazine.

Title name: Praise him, worship him! The impressive rise of the fusion of Zamasu.


Subtitle: The furious counterattack of Vegeta and Goku! 

Official synopsis: 

The difficult battle is developed between Goku and Zamasu, on the other side, Vegeta and Black have their stuff. With an increase in power by the fury of seeing hurt Trunks, Vegeta gives a great fight, but the fight takes a turn that nobody expected. On the other hand, Zamasu makes the Capsule Corporation his new target. In the face guard of Goku and the others, Zamasu tries to eliminate Trunks and company in the Capsule Corporation.

How will Trunks and company face this threat? 

Vegeta's hatred increases 

So far this is the synopsis of Shonen Jump magazine. As we have noted, the official synopsis of the next chapter, appears to be brief, however, it is quite revealing. First, Vegeta will have a difficult battle, and his hatred will increase upon seeing Trunks hurt, but the one who seems to be busy with Trunks and the others warriors is Zamasu, who will attack the Capsule Corporation. Will it be that the building of the CC, or the camp created by Bulma to fix the time machine will be destroyed? If so, Mai and Bulma could be in danger. Of course, we know that it is very difficult for any of them to die, but they could be wounded to arouse the fury of Vegeta or Trunks.


Nothing is said in the synopsis about Zamasu and the merger, but we understand that it will appear in the middle or end of the chapter. 

Additional information 

On the other hand, it's not saying anything about the Mafuba, the last thing we have is that Trunks was fixing the vase withnsuper glue, as the base plate indicated. Below you will find a video further elaborating the information we have discussed here, offering further insight. Enjoy.