At last, this Trunks saga seems to be reaching its final moments. We believe that there are just 5 or 6 episodes left, at most. This is equal to a month to end the saga, approximately. Yet the most important part coming up is the battle between the fusion of Zamasu and Black, the Supreme God. This fusion’s name will not be Blackzu, Zamblack, or any other bombastic name. According to the franchise’s official game "Super Dragon Ball Heroes," this fusion’s name will be just “Zamasu." Obviously, this makes total sense if we consider that, after all, the villains are both Zamasu, and it doesn’t matter if one of them used the Super Dragon Balls to exchange his body with that of Goku’s.


Now, it seems that before we see this incredible fusion, we will first be seeing Black using a new weapon and a new technique…

What is this all about?

According to what we have seen in the episode 64 preview, it seems that Black has two new techniques. First, we have seen the all-so-famous multi-image technique, a distinctive trademark of "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z." It is impossible for us to forget one of Piccolo’s signature moves. The other technique seems to be some sort of dark portal, yet this was only the esthetic aspect we were shown.

The truth is that Black did manage to make Goku “explode” with his power. Let’s remember that a few episodes ago, Black used his ki sword to unleash several magical spears that went through Goku’s body, and then exploded like some sort of bomb. Well, this technique seems to be something like that, but with a new weapon. It seems that Black can use that so-classical ability we have all seen in books of fantasy or role playing games. Black has shown us a new technique, but now, many fans are questioning if it is possible for Black to pull out a new weapon out of nowhere.


Let´s continue

In truth, after Gowasu’s death, Black (Zamasu) ascended to Supreme Kai, being able to use the pothala earrings and the ring to travel through time. The same thing happened with Zamasu from the future, after Black murdered Gowasu from that timeline too. And as we know, after the passing of a Supreme Kai, his next in line immediately takes his place as new Supreme Kai, so that the God of Destruction of that Universe doesn’t die. This we know thanks to Black and Zamasu’s chat from the last episode.

Both Black and Zamasu say that there is just no more room for any other Gods (so they consider themselves as such), so, being both Supreme Kai's, they are understandably capable of performing certain techniques, such as materializing magic (Butsushitsu Shtsugen Majutsu, in Japanese).

We were able to see this in Boo’s saga, when the Supreme Kai made a giant cube out of the most resistant metal in the universe appear out of thin air, while Gohan was training. Another one that was capable of using this technique was Darbura, who created a magical sword to fight.


And of course, there are others with such skill, like Mr Popo, Kibito and Piccolo himself.