Finally, the saga of Future Trunks, seems to be getting close to its final. For our part, we believe that there are 5 or 6 episodes remaining at most. That means that we will have a little more than a month to enjoy the saga. However, the most important part of the series is getting close to being revealed. We refer to the fight against the merger of Zamasu, the supreme God. This merger is not called Blackzu, Zamblack, or anything like that. According to the official game of the franchise, the name of this fusion, is simply called the merger (Zamasu). Of course it makes sense, when you consider that both are Zamasu, beyond that one is in Goku's body.


Now, it seems that before seeing this incredible fusion, we will see Black with a new weapon and a new attack. 

The new weapon and attack of Black 

According to the progress of episode 64, Black actually has two new attacks, and a new secret weapon. First, the attack of the famous multi-images in "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z." It is impossible to forget the amazing way that Piccolo used this great attack in those past battles. The other technique seems to be a kind of dark doorway, however, it is only aesthetic, and it seems that Black could destroy Goku, with this amazing power.

It is worth it to remember the attack of Black against Goku, a few chapters ago, where the villain launched a wave of Ki, with his "sword" and then exploded, this seems something similar, but with a new weapon. 

Is Black a Kaio Shin? 

Black actually is a Kaio Shin. Apparently, after being eliminated, Gowasu of the timeline of Black, the one who took office immediately, and could make use of the Potala clays, and the time ring, is simply the villain (Black).

Additional information 

This is deduced mainly from those last comments about Black and Zamasu in the past episode number 63.


Both Black and Zamasu, say there is no place for other Gods (they considered such). 

Below you will find a video further elaborating the information we have discussed here, offering further insight. Enjoy.