Just a day of the opening of Chapter 62 of Dragon Ball Super, in which we will see Future Trunks fighting fervently against the fearsome villains (Goku Black and Zamasu), demonstrating his new and incredible powers. After that, the young warrior chooses to keep fighting against both villains while Vegeta and Goku return to the past for a solution to defeat these formidable enemies. Although Chapter 62 still has not been released yet, a few moments ago, an exclusive image of Episode 63, which will be released on October 23rd was leaked.

We can see a detail that certainly cannot be overlooked. Next, we will be talking about it.

The new exclusive image

As it can be seen in the gallery, it shows Trunks, even with his transformation, but clearly he is very tired and wounded after holding a tough battle against Goku Black and Zamasu.


We believe that he still continues to use these incredible powers, because of the shape of his hair, which is very bristly, although it estimates that gradually the powers of Trunks and his anger are declining, because his eyes have returned to normal and the damage received on his body has taken a toll.

Additional information

The strange thing in this image lies in the left arm of Trunks. As seen in the image, we can see that Trunks has lost an arm or at least it is broken. Certainly, the image can be misleading, as we cannot see well the hand of the young warrior, this image can make us all confused and make us think he has lost a limb.


From our point of view, we think that Trunks has not lost his arm, but it would not be something as crazy, because as we know both Goku Black as Zamasu can use that energy sword, so that it could be that Trunks in his struggle with both villains, lowers his guard and thus loses an arm.

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Ultimately, we have to wait and see what will happen in the next episode, because as we all know, in the anime, especially in the Dragon Ball Series, everything can happen. Watch the video below to find further information on the subject.