A few hours ago in the country of Japan, it has been revealed -- very interesting data, in which we can see that a new Goddess makes her debut in the series of "Dragon Ball Super," leaving doubts about whether it is about the true sister of the Kaioshin Zamasu, who appears in the first previews in the return of Future Trunks' saga. Undoubtedly, this new revelation has begun to generate many expectations on social networks from the faithful followers of this series. Next, we will be discussing this new powerful and strange being of the universe 10.


The new Goddess

Aside from being a character with a strange appearance, the most interesting thing is that this Goddess also has white hair, like her brother, the villain of the series (Zamasu), while her dress is identical to that used by the Kaioshins of the universe 10, making it clear that she existed more than 1000 years ago. Although her level of fight is not described, it can be said that it exceeds the skills of Zamasu. Although in episodes from 60 to 62, it is explained, that there is a universe God in each universe, whose job is to ensure the peace in the universe, and to keep the whole order, in case there is someone who is out of order and/or breaking the rules.

Additional information

The target date for her appearance in battle, is in the episode number 66 of the series, in which the fusion of her brother Zamasu appears, with his sadistic creation, known as (Goku Black), who by his Potara clay, decided to join their bodies, and in that way together kill the Saiyans. The Goddess of the universe 10 makes  her heavenly visit, in the company of her teacher (Gowasu), whom the Gods of destruction ask to travel, to bring them back a couple of Potara Clays, so that Goku and Vegeta can use the merger (Vegetto).


We can only wait a little longer to find out its opening day, to appreciate the universal Goddess in action, and know what powers she has, to help the Saiyans in any timeline.

Below you will find a video further elaborating the information we have discussed here, offering further insight. Enjoy.