Finally, this Trunks saga is reaching decisive moments. First of all, the 'Super Dragon Ball Heroes' event that took place a few hours ago has revealed its opening, as well as many important details about the storyline of this Trunks saga. These have to do with the Ma-fuu-ba, and Vegito.

Let’s analyze

First of all, the fusion between Zamasu and Black will only have Zamasu’s voice, meaning that it will not be a dual voice as fusions tend to have. On the other side, Horikawa and Nozawa (Vegeta’s and Goku’s voice actors respectively) have been recording their voices.  This would be no surprise, since as we all know, they are main characters in this future Trunks saga, yet it seems that this time they have been recording their voices together.


Will Vegito appear in this saga?

It has happened many times that these two characters had said the same things at the same time, but this time this seems like something else. And as if this news were not enough, it also seems that the Ma-fuu-ba is the only choice the Z-Warriors have to seal and defeat Zamasu. There has been no mention of Black so far, but as we said in earlier notes, we believe that he will somehow get separated from the fusion with Zamasu (as a result of the Ma-fuu-ba, we presume).

In summary

It would seem that the true villain of this future Trunks saga has always been Black (Zamasu from the present time). He was the one that killed Gowasu and travelled through time to recruit his other self. And he is also responsible for the murder of Goku’s family, after stealing his body. He will surely find a way to separate himself from immortal Zamasu while Goku performs the Ma-fuu-ba. Yet we believe that he will somehow retain part of Zamasu’s power, forcing Vegeta and Goku to perform the fusion, giving an entrance to Vegito.


As we all remember, it is possible to separate from the pothala earrings fusion, as it happened before when Vegito was trapped inside Boo’s stomach, although it seems that this can only happen in odd situations. Can the Ma-fuu-ba be one such situation? Can you imagine a battle between Black in his Super Saiyan Rose transformation against a Vegito in a Super Saiyan Blue stage?