The Republican nominee has Secret Service protection for himself, but no one is protecting Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Aman confessed to using a hammer and a pickax to completely destroy Trump's star near the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard that he received in January 2007. Just before dawn on Wednesday,Jamie Otis(dressed as a construction worker), damaged Trump's name and the picture of the camera in the middle of his star.

Reason for damage

Otis confessed that his plan was to remove the star still intact and auction it off on Election Day to raise money for Trump's accusers because the candidate said in a campaign speech that he would sue them after the election.

The vandal said there were four or five women in his own family who have accused Trump of sexually assaulting them.

A patrol car was sent to the area around 6 a.m., but by that time Otis had left and the damage to Trump's star was quite evident. The vandal was described as a white male who left behind his tools. A pickax, sledgehammer, construction hat, and a vest were left at the scene. Damage to the star is estimated to be $2,500.

Replacement of star

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Leron Gubler made a statement that the damaged star will be replaced immediately. The process calls for it to be covered for a few days before it is polished. Gubler took the opportunity to say that people can make a difference by voting rather than destroying public property.

The vandal will be prosecuted and charged to the fullest extent of the law.

This was not the first time Trump's star has been vandalized. In fact, it has happened several times since he announced he was running for president. It has been spray painted with a backward swastika and mute symbol.Last July, a street artist built a wall around it using concertina wire and miniature flags.

The recent vandalism was the most costly of all. There has been no indication what plans are in place to protect the star from being vandalized again. So far, Trump has not responded to the vandalism onTwitter or in any other form. Perhaps it was because he was busy cutting the ribbon on his new hotel in Washington, D.C.

on Wednesday.

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