When a leaked audio tape was released two weeks ago and revealed the inner sexual thoughts of Donald Trump, his campaign was rocked to its core. In the days that followed, Trump was accused by multiple women of sexual assault, and now a new story has just made the whole situation even more complicated.

Apprentice assault

The New York Times broke a bombshell last week, telling the story of two different women who both claimed they were sexually assaulted by the Republican nominee. As expected, Trump quickly denied the allegations, but that didn't stop other women from telling similar stories in the pages of People magazine and The Palm Beach Post.

As Trump does his best to push the claims to the side, The Hill reported on October 17 that the billionaire real estate mogul also enabled sexual assault on the set of his former hit TV show "The Apprentice."

At least five former staff members of "The Apprentice," known at that time as "Celebrity Apprentice," claim that when actor Gary Busey was a cast member, he groped and sexually abused a female employee.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, the accuser, and four of her co-workers, claim that Busey reached for her private parts, and grabbed "firmly between (the) legs."

The woman described the scene as a group of employees hanging out outside, when Busey allegedly "grabbed me firmly between my legs, and ran his hand up my stomach, and grabbed my breasts." The accuser then explained that after she tried to jokingly get out if the situation, the Academy Award nominated actor "grabbed my hand and put it (over) his penis, and said, like, 'I'm just getting started, baby.'"

Trump's call

Multiple staff members were appalled by what happened, and after meeting with members of NBC, requested that Busey be kicked off the show.

After Trump was made aware of the what went down, the former host reportedly "laughed it off" and allowed the actor to continue competing.

Election update

In the most updated rolling average by Real Clear Politics, Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton by seven points nationally, 48.8 percent to 41.8 percent. Trump is watching similar trends in important swing states, with Clinton hoping to ride her momentum into traditionally red states with a chance of turning them blue by Election Day.

As the scandals continue to mount, most pollsters believe Clinton will be elected as the country's first female president.

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