Disney plans to release a sequel to follow-up their own self-parody film, "Enchanted," with the upcoming, "Disenchanted."

What do we know about the project thus far?

The original film, which came out in 2007, featured a girl from an animated world being magically sent by a witch to the real-world, specifically contemporary New York, and growing to favor it over the world she came from, eventually falling in love with a divorce lawyer over her own fairy tale’s prince, who himself falls in love with a girl from the real world.

According to Slash, Adam Shankman, who is known as the director behind "Hairspray" and "Rock of Ages," is currently in talks to serve as director for the upcoming film.

As Shankman is known for his work in musicals, it is likely the new film will retain its song and dance nature from the last one.

According to reports, Amy Adams is set to reprise her role as the main character, Giselle. It is currently unknown if the other actors, which include James Marsden, Susan Sarandon, Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel, and Disney veteran actress Julie Andrews, the latter of which served as a narrator, will reprise their characters in the upcoming project.

The ‘Enchanted’ sequel was in development hell for years

Disney hopes to start shooting the project by 2017, but there are currently no set release dates.

As the original film earned $340 million worldwide, a possible sequel has reportedly been in development hell for quite some time.

Reportedly, plans for a sequel go back as early as 2010, and Anne Fletcher, of "The Proposal," was attached at one point.

According to reports, the film that ended up becoming "Tangled" was originally conceived as a thematic sequel to "Enchanted," with two characters from modern-day New York being sent to the fairy tale world, and having to live out the story of "Rapunzel," with the original Rapunzel and her prince being transformed into a squirrel and a dog, respectively.

Eventually, the project was retooled into becoming a straightforward, if albeit loose, fairy tale adaptation.

It remains to be seen if the upcoming film will have a similar plot to the abandoned project, although it is expected that the upcoming film will be a traditional sequel, continuing on about the characters of the original.

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