Disney has announced plans to reboot their sitcom "That’s So Raven" with a new series.

What to expect from the new show?

The original show, which aired from 2003 to 2007 in its original run, centered around a teenage psychic named Raven Baxter, played by actress Raven-Symone, whose powers were inherited from her grandmother, and her various misadventures with friends and family. The network's first multi-camera comedy, it was often deemed a success with ratings, even gaining over a million viewers in recent midnight airings in syndication.

Symone is set to reprise her namesake character, and will even be leaving her position on "The View" to do so. It is currently unknown if the other actors from the original show will reprise their parts as well. She will reportedly also serve as an executive producer.According to a press release, the new series will revolve around Raven as a divorced mother of two. Added to that, one of her preteen kids is said to have inherited their mother’s powers.

It is likely that the reboot was inspired by Disney’s recent success with "Girl Meets World," a sitcom spin-off of "Boy Meets World," and the network hopes to repeat the formula by rebooting another classic show.

Both shows notably also focus on the children of the show’s original characters.

Had there been spin-off ideas before?

The series previously had a spin-off in the form of "Cory in The House," which detailed Raven’s father and brother moving to Washington D.C., after the former being hired to work at the White House. Symone herself had guest-starred in one episode where she reprised her character, who was normally explained at being away at college.

While unconfirmed, there had been rumors of other potential spin-off ideas before, that had reportedly failed to be picked up as series. Reportedly, one supposed idea was to make a show centered around Raven and her friends in college. It is possible that the upcoming reboot may have been influenced by this failed pitch.

Anneliese Van der Pool, who played Raven’s friend and classmate Chelsea Daniels on the show, once revealed in an interview that there had also been plans of a theatrically released film adaptation at one point.

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