The season 6finale of "The Walking Dead" was one no fan will forget anytime soon. The blood running down the camera lens as everyone was left to wonder and speculate. The entire summer of "what if" and "it could be" was torture! The speculation articles that were all over the internet pondering the possibility of each cast member as a potential victim of Neagan and Lucille.

The long awaited season premiere

The season 7 premiere picked up just where we knew it would but hoped it wouldn't. Rick and the gang had not magically escaped over the break and taken control of the situation.

Greg Nicotero, the executive producer, had warned fans that it would be difficult and just when we thought it was as bad as it could get, it would get worse! And it did. "The Walking Dead" premiere was graphic, sad, breathtaking, and so many other words that the list is endless. Fans were upset. Some were angry. On social media, Daryl became the one to blame for the death of our favorite Pizza Delivery guy.

PTC presidents speaks out

The Parents Television Council president, Tim Winters has said the premiere was actually the most violent and graphic TV show and was just as bad as some of the worst cable premium shows.

Considering the show was rated TV MA (Mature Audience) and not even on late enough to be able to get away with an "f" word, Winters felt it was inappropriate. According to "The Walking Dead Kingdom,"the Parents Television Council feels that consumers should have more say in exactly which channel line up they are purchasing. Another issue he brought up was that the strongest rating "The Walking Dead" could use was TV MA.

The season premiere showed that there could be a need for an even stronger rating for televised programs.

Social media posts suggest there is a very simple solution for the Parents Television Council. They can simply turn the channel, turn the TV off or don't tune in to begin with. We were warned. All the spoilers told everyone to be prepared for exactly what was aired.

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