According to the show-runners, "The Walking Dead"might stray away from its darker motifs this season, in spite of what the audience might be led to believe from the season premiere.

The Kingdom will be a place of light and life

The show’s seventh season premiere has already received its fair share of controversy from fans for its dark tone and content, with the villain Negan being compared to a cartoon character or a caricature. The episode’s violence was also criticized for its violence, being deemed over the top, especially concerning the death of the character of Glenn, an incident that many fans derided for being “cheap” and “cruel.”

In the show, however, we’ve also encountered a new setting within the series called the Kingdom, which is ruled by a figure known as King Ezekiel, as portrayed byKhary Payton, who goes so far to intimidate with his pet tiger called Shiva.

Director Greg Nicotero, however, said in a statement that the new season overall be will be a completely different tone than what the first episode possessed. As the directors of the installments, he compared this shift to the production of a show’s pilot episode, which may give a different feel overall to the final show.

We will see a positive outlook on the zombie apocalypse

According to Nicotero, the new Kingdom will serve as a “place of light." Within the Kingdom, reportedly things will appear to be figured out, with a thriving community that will be unlike what the characters have encountered beforehand in the series.We will see things through the eyes of Carol, who is played by Melissa McBride, and Morgan, who is played by Lennie James, and the two are said to be on the verge of encountering characters who have a positive outlook on the setting as a whole, which will include the threat of the zombie apocalypse.

Nicotero also seemed to appear excited for the actors on the show’s upcoming installments, saying that McBride and James will be doing “amazing, amazing” things, and even compared Payton to the Terminator.

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