“Designated Survivor” spoilers for Season 1 Episode 5 “The Mission” airing Wednesday October 26 show President Kirkman acting on bad information, pressured by political rivals, and making a bold decision that will ultimately backfire and further weaken his position.

Diplomacy fails

POTUS Kirkman makes one last play to find a diplomatic solution to get Algeria to hand over the terrorists but when that fails, it’s time to bring in the big guns – literally. Kirkman meets with the head of an elite SEAL tactical team that will carry out the mission in Algeria.

The SEAL unit’s leader is played by Nip/Tuck’s Dylan Walsh (nice to see him in action again) and the plan is to invade a compound stealthily and take down the mastermind behind the DC terror attack.

President Kirkman tells his wife Alex he’s putting 20 men in harm’s way that are husbands and fathers.

Kimble makes a move

Kimble Hookstraten stops by to apply pressure to Kirkman and reminds him that he could be declared an illegitimate President if he doesn’t shore up the optics on his weakness as the leader of the free world. She’s working her agenda ruthlessly.

Kirkman gives the SEAL team a go to move in on the terror suspects but then things go sideways after they find out too late that they needed to call off the mission. They lose contact with the team and Admiral Chernow (Underground’s Mykelti Williams) breaks the bad news.

More lives lost

A split-second shot in the promo shows Kirkman leaving an airplane hangar where we see flag-draped coffins that lets us know some, if not all, of the SEAL team lost their lives in the attack.

This isn’t the only action coming.Other “Designated Survivor” spoilers show the first family faces a scandal that threatens to expose a massive secret from the past of one of the Kirkmans. One family member is not who they say they are. Is this about Alex or their drug dealing son Leo Kirkman?

Hannahchases shadows

Hannah Wells continues her investigation into the terror attack and Peter MacLeish’s dodgy activities during the bombing. Will it be Hannah that provides the information too late to call off the attack? Good thing her boss Atwood is on her side.

“Designated Survivor” spoilers for Season 1 Episode 5 “The Mission” on Wednesday October 26 show President Kirkman has a long rough road ahead with Kimble nipping at his heels.

“Designated Survivor” airs Wednesdays on ABC.

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