In a bombshell report just out, "Deadliest Catch" will be short one captain in season 13. It's been revealed that Captain Josh Harris and his crew on the F/V Cornelia Marie won't be on the show.

Discovery fires captain from 'Deadliest Catch'

Captain Harris made his announcement via a Facebook post on Friday night. He wrote that the decision for his removal from the show was entirely that of Discovery Channel and the company that owns "Deadliest Catch." The captain was adamant that the decision had nothing to do with money disputes.

Harris adds in his post that it had nothing to do with the decisions of the captains.

Discovery and the company running "Deadliest Catch" has sole creative control of what happens with the series. It's unclear why they fired one of the main stars of the show. The Cornelia Marie has been on the show throughout its 12 seasons on the air.

Harris informed viewers that he and his crew are still taking to the sea for king crab season, but the only thing missing will be the camera crew. He thanked viewers for their support and continued that they'll still be fishing this season even if their adventures won't be broadcast on the popular television show.

Captain has other plans

Captain Harris concluded his farewell post to the show by telling fans that he'll still keep them updated on Facebook. He piqued curiosity by writing that he has some other projects in the works he's excited to embark upon. As they unfold, Harris will enlighten his followers what he's doing. The "Deadliest Catch" star teased that his father always told him he could be an astronaut and he said it's "going to happen."

If fans want to start a petition over the captain's firing, Harris requests fans save themselves the trouble.

It sounds like he's not fighting to get back on the show, which indicates he's ready to move forward. Will he continue his career in fishing or gradually take himself out of that dangerous life at sea?

Are you sad to hear that Josh Harris was fired from "Deadliest Catch"?

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