Superman is a fascist and Batman a resistance leader in the"Injustice: Gods Among Us" story line, one that came to an end in typical action packed fashion with the release of the last issue in the comic book series. Released October 19, 2016, DC Comics"Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five #20" was written by Brian Buccellato, with illustrations by Mike S. Miller, and cover art by David Yardin.

DC's 'Injustice' Series.

It's not that Superman's transformation into autocratic nightmare came out of the blue. The Joker brutally murdered Lois Lane-Clark and their unborn child in an act that sent Superman over the edge.

Clark Kent/Superman becomes a much darker character, and that's reflected in Mike S. Miller's drawings. Batman leads an insurgency against his draconian regime, and the other superheroes, villains, and various assorted characters take sides.

DC Comics"Injustice" is a hugely successful multi-platform franchise, and one that came as a surprise hit, according to an interview with Brian Buccellato in The digital issue was released in late September. The "Injustice" video game began in 2013, and has kept ahead of the comic book version of the story. The "Gods Among Us" finale brings the comic book story line full circle to that of the video game version of the"Injustice" plot.

'Injustice' to come...

Writer Christopher Sebela pens the story that tells Harley Quinn's version of the original story, as it was first released in 2013 in the video game "Injustice: Gods Among Us". The newly released comic prequel series, "Injustice: Ground Zero", zeroes in on Harley Quinn as she leads the Joker's henchmen into Batman's Insurgency against Superman's Earth One Regime.

Harley's unhinged point of view offers a kind of outsider perspective to contrast the warring Justice League members. With the first issue in the series just released on October 4, Ground Zero ostensibly closes the gap in the story between the point where"Gods Among Us" ends and the new "Injustice 2" begins on video game as well as the eventual comic book.

The writers are still tight lipped as far as any plot details are concerned when it comes to the new series, but while there's no official word yet on the story for "Injustice 2," there are a lot of rumors, including a Mortal Kombat guest fighter, Starfire, Red Hood, and Poison Ivy, among others. According to, the video game version is said to be planned for a March 2017 release.

"Injustice: Gods Among Us" has been a story of conflict, betrayal, and death, with a long list of casualties at Superman's feet, including the entire nation of Atlantis, and most of the Green Lantern Corps. While Superman still reigns at the end of the"Gods Among Us" story line, the dramatic final scene opens the door to the future of "Injustice 2".

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