The last episodes of the series "Dragon Ball Super" just got more interesting and exciting. Missing just a few hours for the expected release of chapter number 64 of the series, and a few moments ago, it was filtered a new picture of episode 65, in which is revealed the arrival of the merger of Black and Zamasu. There have been many theories, sypnopses, and speculations that have been generated through the opening of each chapter. On this day, a Japanese source has revealed interesting information about the new merger of the evil villains and thus the confirmation of the maximum power of the Supreme God, who has been the result of the merger of the villains. Here, we show all the details of the image, and everything related to the Supreme God, who no doubt will leave all surprised.


The new filtered image

In the image, we can see the fusion of Zamasu, extending his arms, asking all present to kneel to his person, with a white aura around the head, apparently, he is very confident and defiant. According to the image, the fusion of the villain, is about to make a new technique never seen before. Is it possible that this merger has reached a high level that is above all Gods? While it is true, in the last fights of these evil and powerful villains against the Saiyans warriors, their power has been unmatched.

So far there has not been a being more powerful than the villains of the series. If they are so strong, why do they merge? This is one of many interesting questions about the series. However, as we all know, the Saiyans, have fought on several occasions against these villains, and none of them could beat the them, even so fighting two against one, so as expected, the Saiyans warriors go in search a powerful fusion, in order to defeat these villains, so knowing the plan of these warriors, Black and Zamasu, choose to increase their powers, and thus remain invincible, and dominate the world in their own way, as they have been doing.

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The Supreme God's ultimate power

A Japanese source revealed interesting details about the appearance of a Supreme God. According to this source, it is the fusion of the villains (Black and Zamasu), which will bear fruit with the emergence of the Supreme God, and according to this source, the God will have an awesome power that will control all the Gods of existing universes. This appearance will be seen in Chapter 65 of the series.

Below you will find a video further elaborating the information we have discussed here, offering further insight.

Enjoy. And in the meantime, fans across the globe will have this fusion to look forward to as we wait to see it in action.