We brought an amazing story created by our YouTube channel with more than 3 million hits. This alternative story will definitely leave you with your mouth open and surprised. The success of our stories is due to an original framing, the work of completely original design and animation in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. We invite you to know the synopsis of the video.

The plot

Zoeck, the most powerful being of the 12 universes has awakened and his abilities are amazing. His powers even exceed the power of the 12 Gods of destruction and he can move through the universes traveling through wormholes.


That is, he can go from one universe to another without any difficulty. Nean, who is the Goddess of the universe 12 and Camus, who is the God of the universe 11, are the protagonists of this story. However, at the moment when these two powerful Gods saw that the scariest being had awakened, immediately they ran to seek help from Goku and the others. Although Nean and Camus are the most powerful Gods, they cannot fight against this fearsome being.

Additional information

In the past, many Gods of destruction had to intervene to neutralize him and lock him up, but after millions of years, he awakes to terrify in the present.

In addition, Zoeck now has a new transformation ability, which has not been seen before in the story of the anime and manga. This time, this fearsome being from the beyond has surprised us with an amazing change in his skin, which can be seen in a blue color, and an impressive armor. Thus he has become stronger. Goku and Vegeta, quickly want to face him, but they could note that it would be not easy for them to defeat this fearsome and powerful character, which causes people get panic when he sees to their eyes.

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Something interesting about this story for those who enjoy alternative histories is the appearance of Broly, which was included in the plot of this series. For those faithful of Bardock and Broly, may enjoy in our history that is full of adrenaline and animated characters with movements thanks to Dragon Ball Xenoverse fights.


Below you will find a video further elaborating the information we have discussed here, offering further insight. Enjoy.