The Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super is getting close to its end and there are no more than 5 or 6 chapters remaining. At the moment, Trunks, has attempted the Mafuba technique against Zamasu, but he has failed to destroy the powerful and evil villain. Actually the technique worked, but the villain escaped because the vase did not have the talisman to complete the seal at that time. On the other hand, Vegeta and Goku have difficulty beating Black. Given all this Black and Zamasu decide to merge and show mortals on earth the real power of the Gods.


Next, we will show you the progress of chapter 65, with some leaked information about this saga. 

The plot 

In the video we can see what Goku says to the villain. Is that light part of new power Zamasu? Is that the new power energy with which you come? Later, he goes to his fellows Saiyans and says to them: This is not over, no matter how strong the enemy, all we have to do is to become stronger: True or not Vegeta and Trunks? (Referring to the fight). 

How strong is the new technique of Zamasu's fusion?

As we can see the new technique of Zamasu's fusion is highly destructive, and it will destroy everything in its path, meaning that Trunks' Earth is in danger. We can see, that planet earth begins to suffer, and some explosions occur.

It seems that this new fusion of villain, makes him totally invincible, because it has the great power of Black Super Saiyan Rose and the immortality of Zamasu. 

Additional information 

The Mafuba cannot be used, unless someone travels to the present to seek the seal, which is in the hands of the master (Roshi). Can anyone get this before Zamasu's Fusion destroys the Earth? Will Vegito take advantage of the time? For days, it has been rumored that Vegito appears in a new merger where he faces and tries to defeat the villains in their new fusion.

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However, this information has not been officially confirmed yet by Akira Toriyama, or his team, so we must wait and see what happens in the next chapters of the series.