The series has taken different paths in its two most common platforms, (the anime and manga). First, leaving only once a month, the manga has a much slower pace and arguably it is more backward than the anime. At this rate, the anime will never reach it, unless it gets a filling saga with about 10 chapters or so, that is unlikely. It is reasonable that the manga comes back out once a week, as before, in brief, and concise, with around 10 or 12 pages. However, this is not the reality, because the recent manga is counting with the arrival of Trunks to Earth.

Next, let's see the images of this number 17, which was leaked just a few minutes ago, and analyze the storyline of this number.

Chapter number 17 of manga

Chapter 16 of the manga had left us with Zamasu and Gowasu willing to see the planet Babari for the coming years, that is, its evolution in the future.


In this chapter 17, Gowasu reveals to Zamasu the secret of the rings of time, and certainly they would travel together to that planet. We also see as Gowasu is watching the fight between Hit and Goku, using a strange device. Zamasu seems annoyed to see that a mortal has all that power.

The appearance of Goku and Trunks' child in the images

To all this on Earth, we can see Future Trunks with his military-style clothing. Ultimately, we also see Bills and Vegeta. However, a case a little strange is the appearance of Trunks (version child), which appears running the race of Karting. It seems that things on Earth are calmer, and for some reason Black has not appeared to destroy the time machine. This gives us the pattern that the use of the time machine of Cell, was a filling of the anime. Now the manga number 17 seems to end with Goku being summoned by Zeno Sama.

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We say this because we see Wiss and the Kaio Shin of the universe 7, accompanying the king Zeno Sama in his world. Finally, at the gates of the palace is Dai-Shinkan, (the High Priest).


Below you will find a video further elaborating the information we have discussed here, offering further insight. Enjoy.