Episode 60 of 'Dragon Ball Super:'

This episode was really interesting, especially the end, in which we were able to discover the true identity of Black, and a new death in the series. Although we were not 100% certain that Zamasu was inside Goku’s body, the episode showed us that although Black has the body of Goku, (the real one, and not just a copy), his mind is that of Zamasu’s. Added to that, there is a version of Zamasu inside Goku’s body. Now, which Goku did Zamasu possess to recreate himself as Goku Black, the one from the present time, or that of timeline 4?

Which timeline did Zamasu choose for his plan?

First, we know that after Zamasu changed his body and mind with Goku, he destroyed his own body.


In other words, once Zamasu became Black (possessing the Saiyan’s body), he destroyed his original self with Goku’s mind inside of it. A similar thing occurred in Frieza’s saga, when General Ginyu changed bodies with Goku, with the difference being that Ginyu was unable to kill the Saiyan raised on Earth. Zamasu however, once he became Black (placing his mind in Goku’s body), was able to defeat and destroy his own body (with Goku’s mind in it), killing the Saiyan in the process.

Yet there is still one big question to answer.

Which version of Goku did Zamasu take control of to create Black? A quick answer gives us 2 possibilities in which Goku is alive. The first one is the one we all know from the present timeline, and the other is that of the famous timeline 4, created in Cell’s saga, in which everybody is alive. We chose to discard those timelines in which Goku is dead because it would make no sense that Zamasu wished to revive him to change bodies, and then assassinate him again. Besides, we should also remember that in the manga where we are shown how Pilaf and his gang wished to be young again, we can see a recently killed Goku in the afterlife (probably going to see King Enma).


We stand by our theory that Black’s body is that of the present time Goku, possessed by Zamasu after he travelled a few years into the future to use the Super Dragon Balls, and wished for Shenron to change bodies and minds with the Saiyan. Now let’s not forget that these events were stopped by Beerus when he killed Zamasu before he could achieve his plans.