We all know the Gods of the series of Dragon Ball Super, we know about Goku, Vegeta, Bills, Champa, Vados, Wiss, among others. However, on some occasions, we asked ourselves if there will be another God. In the early stages of the series, we had the opportunity to meet Ten Shin Han, a warrior which had been shown as someone weak, and harmless. As we all know, there were very few the times that this character appeared in a battle. Akira Toriyama has revealed and confirmed new interesting information about this shy warrior, which, since now must be taken into account for the next tournament of Zeno Sama. Next, we will be talking about the new powerful transformation that will involve this character, according to Akira Toriyama.


Akira Toriyama's revelation on Ten Shin Han

Ten Shin Han has not yet appeared in the DBS Series, but now Akira Toriyama confirms the emergence of this character, which according to Akira, is practicing with Goku in a time room so that he can participate in the tournament that the omnipotent Zeno Sama is organizing. In this major tournament, they will be participating -- the 12 Gods of the 12 universes against the warriors (Vegetto, Goku, and his friends). This includes Sama Bills and Wiss.     

The dark power of Ten Shin Han 

Ten Shin Han is one of the strongest humans in the world, although he is not a Saiyan, he belongs to a triple race.

He has the ability to copy the abilities of opponents as fast as the speed of light, which makes him a difficult opponent to fight. Ten Shin Han is a warrior in a fight, instead of being weakened, he becomes stronger thanks to a skill that makes him of a tireless body. But that's not all, this character has a fearsome skill, which is called Kikoho, which it is to fix all the energy in an attack.

As if it were nothing, it also has the ability Kaio Ken, while he also can do the Kamehameha, and has the ability to flight fast.


That would be the focal point in the battle of the Gods, which will soon take place. It is worth noting that this character has the potential to eliminate three Gods of the twelve, only using his ability.


Below we leave you an amazing fight featuring this powerful character: