Donald Trump isn't known for being a gentleman or having respect for women. He has shown over and over that he simply doesn't care who knows how little he thinks of women. The sad thing is, this isn't new behavior but rather who he has been all along.

From time to time, "Days Of Our Lives" has cameo appearances by celebrities. In 2005 Donald Trump arrived at the set for such an appearance. While there he was also scheduled to meet with "Hollywood Access" reporter Billy Bush for an interview. As Trump and Bush chatted they didn't realize there was a mic that was recording them. The two had a conversation about Arianne Zucker who plays Nicole.

The two described her as "hot as s&%t" and having "good legs".

According to "Yahoo Celebrity" Billy Bush has issued an apology. He admits he was wrong to play along in the conversation with Donald Trump. He was a lot younger and less mature and is regretful over the incident.

Apology an afterthought

Donald Trump, on the other hand, feels that it was a private conversation and "locker room banter". As an afterthought, he added an apology in case anyone was offended. Hopefully, that apology settles it for his wife. They had been married only eight months when this faux pa was caught on tape. Overall, Donald Trump seems to feel that this was an acceptable conversation and a non-issue for his presidential campaign.

Who is the target of the comments?

Arianne Zucker is a long-time member of the "Days of Our Lives" cast. She joined the show in 1998 as Nicole Walker. Over the years she has been nominated three times for a Daytime Emmy Award and one time for a Soap Opera Digest Award. Now for what isn't commonly known about her.

Before landing the role on "Days of Our Lives", she was studying to be a veterinarian. She had attended classes at Pierce College in Los Angeles. Her desire to help didn't stop there. She and her brother started a non-profit organization for teens called "Arrow Heart". It helps the participants build problem-solving skills, build confidence, make better choices and credibility.

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