Orhpheus, Xander, and Clyde keep their reign of terror over the residents of Salem this week. They seem to stay one step ahead and just out of reach. There are several plans going on to take the terrible trio down. Which will get to them first?

Here is the day by day breakdown spoilers for "Days Of Our Lives." Don't read if you don't want to know what to expect.

Monday 10-3

Aiden wants to meet Hope, but she wonders why. Kayla turns to Steve for comfort and reassurance over Joey's situation, and Steve is there with open arms.

After the paternity test results, Chloe thinks it is time to end things with Philip. Nicole has a talk with Deimos because of his behavior lately.

Tuesday 10-4

Justin tells Adrienne she needs to leave the DiMera mansion. As the Kiriakis make a rare mistake, Andre sees an opportunity for himself and Chad to move ahead in a business dealing. Looters are a problem for one of Gabi's friends, and she steps in to help. Brady, Philip, Sonny, Justin, and Deimos are left with the aftermath of the raid attempt.

Wednesday 10-5

Orpheus confides in Joey. Steve, Kayla, John, Marlena and Rafe all work together to form a plan to end theterror of Orpheus, Xander, and Clyde as well as to save Joey. Claire and Ciara can't find Theo, and they begin to worry. Hope has news for Rafe, and it isn't good.

Thursday 10-6

Ciara turns to Jennifer about Theo and shares her concerns. Marlena asks Kate to collaborate on the profile of Clyde.

Aiden's recent win has Andre's curiosity peaked. Clyde talks with Orpheus about Ben and wanting to make things right with him.

Friday 10-7

Orpheus, Xander, and Clyde continue to work out strategy. Elsewhere in Salem, Roman, Steve, JJ, Paul and John are making plans of their own. They plan to meet the demands of the terrible trio. Marlena, Victor, and Nicole have a conversation about Xander. Ciara tries to get Theo tostay out of the situation, but Theo is "locked and loaded" on his mission.

It looks like we will have a Friday cliffhanger. As the demands are about to be met, Theo has a gun. Will shots be fired?

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