As we tune in to see the residents of Salem on "Days Of Our Lives" this upcoming week, prepare for more plot twists. Hope, Chloe and Theresa all have life changing events this week. This is a spoiler so don't read on if you don't want to know!

Chloe's pregnancy continues to cause drama

Chloe wanted nothing more than Nicole to keep her secret and to be able to stay hidden from Deimos for the duration of her pregnancy. This week she learns that Nicole shared her secret and of course Deimos is on her heels. She is surprised to learn that Philip has made a decision that he wants to be with her and put things in the past.

How will all of this play out with the hints of the upcoming surrogacy twist that she is actually carrying the baby of Daniel and Nicole?

Orpheus continues to terrorize John and Steve as he holds Kayla and Marlena hostage. The brief time they thought he was dead gave them a false sense of security. Now they are on a frantic search to save the loves of their lives.

With Aiden finally gone from Salem, Hope thinks she is free to be with Rafe. Well, she didn't plan on Andre getting his hands on the tape Aiden had made. Andre plays it over the speakers at the Horton Square. Ciara can tell by the look on her mom's face that it is all true - her mother did kill Stefano! Chad, of course, is angry and chews Hope out at the police station.

Theresa must face her past!

The big storyline that is starting is the one that will end Theresa's time on "Days of Our Lives". She actually stopped taping months ago and this storyline will play out by the end of November. Theresa has links to the cartel in her past. She was involved with Guillermo, a criminal her father has been after for a decade.

We will see Shane disguisedas a priest. Theresa decides to go into the confessional and tell all. When she steps out and realizes her father is the one that heard her confession, she is livid.

In the end, Theresa's parents try to get her to leave and avoid the confrontation with the new bad guy in Salem but she has other ideas.

Her parents reluctantly agree as they plan for Shane to watch her and keep her safe.

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