"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that there will be a lot of familiar faces back in Salem this week. "DOOL" viewers know that many characters are set to return in the near future, such as Abigail Deveraux-DiMera, Eric Brady, Austin Reed, Carrie Brady, and possibly even Sami Brady. However, this week, some more old favorites will return. The characters of Kim and Shane Donovan will be back in Salem, and they'll be sharing some seriously dramatic scenes with their daughter, Theresa, played by actress Jen Lilley.

Kim and Shane Donovan are back in Salem this week with daughter Theresa.

Many "Days of Our Lives" fans already know that Jen Lilley is leaving the soap, and her parents' return could be the first step to her character, Theresa Donovan, saying goodbye to Salem for good.

While viewers will be sad to see Theresa go, it will be even harder to see how her fiance and baby daddy, Brady Black, will deal with her absence. Fans also want to know why the character is leaving Salem, and what will happen to the couple's son, Tate, when she's gone.

Chloe's mother, Nancy, will do her best to protect her daughter from Deimos' wrath.

Soap Hub reports that in addition to Kim and Shane Donovan's return to "Days of Our Lives" this week, that another old face will also be seen. Actress Patrika Darbo will return as Chloe Lane's mother, Nancy Wesley. Nancy will be sharing screen time with Deimos this week as the younger Kiriakis brother fights to find Chloe, whom he believes is carrying his unborn child.

Deimos and Nicole are on the outs after he found out she knew about the paternity of the child for weeks, and Deimos is on the warpath after finding out that Nicole and Chloe lied to him. Deimos will seemingly stop at nothing to find Chloe and get his hands on the child she's carrying when it's time to finally welcome the little bundle of joy to the world.

Can Nancy help to protect Chloe and keep her safe from Deimos' wrath?

More drama to come in Salem

"Days of Our Lives" is definitely heating up, and it will be fun to see what the old faces will bring to the latest storylines of the show. The latest spoilers spell trouble for many Salem residents, with so much more drama to come.

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