"Days Of Our Lives" has featured three villains who escaped from prison. It seemed that the situation was resolved, especiallywhen Orpheus took a lethal drug and died last week. However, did he fake his death? A preview clip reveals that the soap opera villain might still be alive and up to his dirty tricks.

Is Orpheus dead or alive?

Even though it seemed that Orpheus committed suicide last week, the promo clip features a magician with some dirty tricks. Pausing the video and looking closely, it is clear that it is the "Days Of Our Lives" villain underneath the mask. How is this possible?

How did the 'Days Of Our Lives' villain fake his death?

There are a few ways that Orpheus could have faked his death. He may have taken an antidote before ingesting the lethal drug, counteracting its effects. Maybe he took something that slowed his heart down so much that it appeared he didn't have a heartbeat. He may have an extra layer of skin on his neck, which hid his pulse, which is why Marlena believed he was dead. Perhaps the magician isn't Orpheusat all but is someone who agreed to make sure John and Steve pay the price.

Kayla and Marlena kidnapped

There will be a Halloween fundraising event at the hospital next Friday. A magician will appear and everyone enjoys the act. However, at the end, Kayla and Marlena are used as volunteers.

They both enter boxes that resemble coffins. When the power goes out, someone asks for the lights to turn back on. When they do, Kayla and Marlena are missing and so is the unidentified magician.

Andre DiMera helps John and Steve find Orpheus?

"DOOL" spoilers reveal that John and Steve won't be searching for Orpheus on their own.

It appears that Andre DiMera might offer some assistance. Other spoilers state that Marlena will reach out to Andre, although it is unclear if this is before or after the kidnapping. It is odd to see Andre helping, especially considering the history of Marlena and the DiMera family. However, he did help Chad take down Clyde Weston, so anything is possible.

What do you think is going to happen on "Days Of Our Lives?"

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