"Days Of Our Lives” is the longest running daytime soap opera show on TV till date. The latest updates from the action packed drama telecasted on NBC Television Network tease that Tuesday ‘s episode will show John (Drake Hogestyn) making a deal with Orpheus, but the deal will not go it should as the scoundrel Orpheus doesn’t stick to his words.

John will negotiate with Orpheus

The spoilers of the show say that John will begin negotiations with Orpheus who informed John that the bomb was planted under the table in the pub. John wishes to save his loved ones and will make a selfless attempt by making a deal with Orpheus.

He will hand over himself to Orpheus and put himself to Orpheus discretion in exchange for the freedom of others.

Orpheus continues with violence

Orpheus agrees to the deal but doesn’t stick to plan and continues with destruction, which is something John had not thought. There will be one more bomb strapped to Jennifer’s body. Orpheus will head off with John. JJ will ask Orpheus to drop his gun but he will get shot by Orpheus but will be saved by Gabi and Marlena.

Rafe and Eduardo help Hope

Hope will take control of the situation after Orpheus will head off with John.

He will ask Rafe to help and knowing about the bomb, Rafe will call Eduardo. They will guide how to disable the bombe through video chat.

How JJ’s relationship will change with Gabi

J J will recover from the physical injuries but will remain worried about his fate after the scary ordeal. This experience will sure affect his relationship with Gabi, but how?

Action packed future episodes

Future episodes are going to be full of thrill and excitement as Steve will get to know about the bomb crisis and the deal between the ruthless Orpheus and John. He will work on getting out of the hospital without getting noticed.

The teasers indicate that Steve will be on difficult mission and would do anything for the rescue. Both Steve and John will take on the ultimate foe Orpheus in the final showdown. The audience need to remain tuned to DOOL for some real action and excitement coming up in future episodes and find out how John and Steve face the brutal Orpheus who is on a violent quest for revenge.

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