Things are heating up on Days Of Our Lives and spoilers tease that things will be wild in November. Kayla and Marlena are in trouble and viewers will see Kim and Shane return soon to help Theresa. Hope's secret is now out and this will stir up plenty of drama. What else can viewers expect as the November sweeps kick into gear?

Hope's confession leaves many in Salem stunned

Hope was stunned as she heard a recording of her confession play out at the square and “Days of Our Lives” spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that people will be shaken as they absorb the news. Chad will be shocked, and everybody can expect him to confront Hope.John and Steve will be desperate to find Marlena and Kayla after what seems to be another stunt from Orpheus and Andre may surprisingly step in to help.

There is more ahead for Paul and Sonny and Philip will share a shocker with Nicole. “Days of Our Lives” spoilers reveal that Deimos will be determined to find Chloe's mother Nancy, wanting information from her, and Philip tracks Nancy down himself to try to find out where Chloe is.

Will Deimos and Nicole manage to come back together?

Adrienne gets a bit of screentime in the coming week, as she will talk with Jennifer about the two of them buying the Salem Spectator together. However, it seems that Justin is unhappy when he catches wind of this plan. Philip will gain some clarity on how much he wants to be with Chloe and Nicolewill reach out to her friend and push for answers. In addition, “Days of Our Lives” spoilers detail that Maggie will try to nudge Deimos back to Nicole.

Theresa will need to turn to Victor for help during a troubling situation and viewers will see Kim and Shane return to Salem to try to nudge Theresa to make a difficult choice regarding the Guillermo situation. It is known that Jen Lilley is leaving the role of Theresa this fall and many suspect that this storyline paves the way for her exit.

As November continues, Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Hope will be arrested and facing a trial thanks to Andre's stunt and Rafe will be anxious to help her.

Abigail will be back in the picture very soon

Chloe will apparently get another paternity test done, and “Days of Our Lives” spoilers hint that Deimos will end up not being the baby's father.

Abigail will finally pop back up again soon, although newcomer Marci Miller will now be taking over the role after Kate Mansi's departure. Given Chad and Gabi's blossoming relationship, things could get sticky with Abigail's return.

Will Chad and Abigail manage to have a happy reunion? What causes Theresa to leave Salem? How far will Orpheus go in his quest to destroy Kayla, Marlena, and their loved ones? "Days of Our Lives" spoilers tease that things will be crazy this fall and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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