"Days Of Our Lives" is heating up this week, according to the latest spoilers. Expect JJ Devereaux to get jealous of Chad DiMera and Gabi Hernandez. It is also teased that Blanca's ex-boyfriend arrives in Salem and he has an interesting connection to another woman in town. Find out what else is happening on the long-running soap opera for the week of October 17, 2016.

It's all about JJ Devereaux on 'Days Of Our Lives'

There are a few different storylines happening with JJ Devereaux this week. First, he will get jealous of the time Gabi Hernandez is spending with Chad DiMera.

However, something more important will happen. While in the town square, Gabi calls JJ, which distracts him and he ends up getting shot by Orpheus. Don't worry, he will recover. While JJ is resting at Jennifer Horton's house, he mumbles something in his sleep and his mother is shocked by what she hears.

Blanca's former lover has a scary connection to Theresa Donovan

"DOOL" spoilers reveal that Blanca is going to finally have a storyline. Fans know that she has a scary ex-boyfriend. This week, expect to see the man arrive in Salem.

However, Blanca is not his only connection. It turns out that he knows Theresa Donovan. Jen Lilley teased to "Soap Opera Digest" that Theresa's final days in Salem are "brilliant" and it involves a lot of scary stuff with Blanca's former lover.

'DOOL' spoilers reveal Justin collapses

This week on "Days Of Our Lives," Justin will collapse. The cause has not been revealed, but could it cause Adrienne to rush by his side?

Even though she is marrying Lucas, many fans would like to see Justin and Adrienne back together again.

Nicole Walker tempted to reveal Chloe's secret to Deimos Kiriakis

Chloe trusted Nicole Walker to keep her secret about the pregnancy. Paternity results showed that Deimos Kiriakis was not the father of the unborn child. Afterward, Chloe left town. With Nicole getting closer to Deimos and feeling his pain about not being a father, she will be tempted to reveal everything she knows.

What kind of consequences will this have for Nicole and Chloe?

What do you think is going to happen with your favorite soap opera characters on "Days Of Our Lives"?

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