"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for the week reveal that there will be even more drama in Salem. The latest news on the NBC soap is that Orpheus will continue his reign of terror and that poor Jennifer Horton and her son, J.J. Deveraux will be sucked in. As "DOOL" fans know, Orpheus, along with Xander and Clyde, have escaped from prison and have been causing trouble for nearly everyone in town. However, this time Orpheus' plan is much more dangerous. The escaped convict has planted bombs all over Salem, and he'll strap one to Jennifer!

Jennifer's nightmare

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, "Days of Our Lives" viewers will watch as Orpheus will somehow manage to lure John, Marlena, Hope, and Jennifer to the Brady Pub. Once they're inside Orpheus will call John to tell him that he's planted a bomb in the building, and if anyone attempts to leave he'll blow the place sky high. When Jennifer heads upstairs she'll run into one of the men working for Orpheus, and he'll strap a bomb to her. When Jen heads back downstairs everyone will be completely shocked and scared by what they see.

Hope needs a plan

Meanwhile, Hope will also be dealing with Aiden and his blackmailing ways this week. Hope really is stuck between a rock and a hard place as Aiden has threatened to reveal she's the one who killed Stefano DiMera and that Rafe and Roman helped her. If she wants to keep the secret quiet she'll have to move to Oregon with Aiden or come up with another plan to keep him quiet. This likely won't end well for one of the parties involved.

The Kiriakis men square off

Finally, Deimos and Xander will have another intense encounter. "Days of Our Lives" fans know that Deimos has been battling his nephew ever since he took Nicole hostage. Deimos promised Xander that he if let Nicole go that he could have Theresa as well as passage to Greece where he can escape the long arm of the law. The two Kiriakis men will have a shocking confrontation complete with one of them pulling a gun on the other.

Whatever happens, fans know that Xander will soon be gone from Salem, but will he make it out alive?

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