"Days Of Our Lives" has been filled with drama and terror as the three prison escapees sought revenge on the residents of Salem. Now that Xander and Clyde have departed, Orpheus is left on his own to complete his plan.

Orpheus' final stand

Orpheus manages to plant bombs around Salem as well as in the Brady Pub with Hope, Jennifer, John and Marlena there. He then has his goonie strap bombs to Jennifer and tells them he will blow them all up. Eventually Salem's Police are able to get Orpheus into custody and save the would-be victims from his devious plan. Orpheus, however, isn't going to return to prison that easily.

After three decades of incarceration, he is not willing to go back so he manages to grab a lethal pill from Dr. Marlena Evans' medical bag. As he pops the pill, he prepares to die.

Long time fans may remember John Black's father, Yo Ling, did something very similar when he realized he was done. Suicide would be an easy escape for Orpheus but let's not forget that he was thought to be dead all those years he sat behind bars. Will he be successful at taking his own life or will he live to terrorize another day?

A confidence is broken

Elsewhere in Salem, Nicole has been given a big secret to keep. Her best friend Chloe Lane has confided that the father of her baby is actually Deimos. After all of his effort to prove he is the father, Nicole finally has the confirmation he wants.

She decides to tell Deimos and break Chloe's confidence. The only thing is, it isn't true! So Deimos is again seeking proof that Chloe is carrying his child and she knows she will not be free of him until she figures out who the father is. Prepare for a twist in the storyline when it all comes out.

An overdue confession by Theresa

According to Inquisitr,Theresa has been feeling guilty over keeping a secret from Brady. The guilt began around the time Xander put his hands around her throat and swore revenge for her false claim of rape that put him behind bars. She has known that she needed to tell Brady the truth but hasn't done it until now.

Will he forgive her dishonesty considering how dangerous Xander proved himself to be?

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