"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for the current week reveal that more than one shocking secret will be revealed in Salem. The drama is sure to be high as everyone will be on alert thanks to Orpheus and his bomb scare tactics. However, Orpheus will be the least of some characters problems when the find out the truth that has been kept from them. According to Soap Shows, both Theresa and Nicole will spill huge secrets to their significant others this week, and it could spell out big trouble for the ladies.

Big secrets come out

According to the report, Nicole will finally tell Deimos that Chloe is carrying his child. However, as "Days of Our Lives" fans know, it seems that Chloe is not carrying Deimos' baby. Although Chloe believed that Deimos had gotten her pregnant, the paternity test results revealed that Deimos was not the father of the child. While Chloe and Philip had planned for Kate to have the test results switched, her scary run-in with Clyde Weston prevented her from doing so, and the truth was revealed that Chloe was carrying another man's baby.

Who is the real father of Chloe's baby, and what will Deimos do now that he believes for sure that the child Chloe is carrying belongs to him? It seems Nicole has betrayed the trust of her best friend, who will not have to live in fear of what Deimos will do to her.

Theresa and Nicole spill their guts

Meanwhile, other Salem residents will be dealing with their own secrets. "Days of Our Lives" viewers will watch as Theresa Donovan finally comes clean to Brady Black about her involvement with Xander.

As "DOOL" fans may remember, Theresa accused Xander of attempting to rape her, which is what sent Victor's nephew to prison, to begin with. Of course, Xander did not attempt to attack Theresa, and she lied to get the criminal off the streets. Xander's been harbouring a grudge against her ever since, which is why he busted out of prison to try and get revenge on her. However, this week will mark Xander's last in Salem, and he'll either make his escape or be killed by one of the many people trying to apprehend him.

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