"Days Of Our Lives" spoiler news has Orpheus ready to get revenge with a bang. John Black, Marlena Evans, Hope Brady, and Jenifer Horton all wind up in peril at the pub thanks to Orpheus. After a cryptic phone call from the bad guy reveals there’s a bomb at the bar, they’re terrified.

Orpheus tries to take out enemies with a bang!

Orpheus reveals on the phone call that if any of them try to escape, the bomb will detonate, killing them all. Turns out it’s a suicide vest that is rigged on Jennifer for the tense "Days of Our Lives"action.

Orpheus has a minion on hand who puts the bomb vest on Jennifer.

When she comes downstairs and shows off her explosive new fashion, John makes a grand gesture and offers to trade his life for hers. Orpheus won’t be dissuaded and Hope makes a quick call to Rafe Hernandez for an assist on dismantling the deadly device.

Rafe remotely saves the day!

Rafe will talk Hope through defusing the bomb vest while Patch Johnson learns about the danger his friends are in. Patch enlists Kayla Brady in his mission to rescue those imprisoned in the pub and she agrees to help for John’s sake.

Kayla helps Patch sneak out of the hospital and the daring "Days of Our Lives"rescue mission is on. Kayla talks Patch through his escape from the Salem hospital while Orpheus makes a bold move and drags John off to the townhouse.

After John pays to ransom himself for $20 million, Orpheus double-crosses him and is ready to put a bullet in John. Patch shows just in the nick of time and Orpheus will wind up behind bars where he belongs but just as things look safe, Orpheus makes another wild play.

Orpheus grabs Marlena, pops a deadly pill, and then waits for the fallout. Can they save Orpheus so he’ll face justice or will the madman’s hasty suicide attempt be the strange end to this sad tale? "Days of Our Lives"ends the week on a tense note as one life hangs in the balance.

This isn't the only bomb to roll out on "DOOL" - there are still more lives at risk from the other big booms that Orpheus set off all over town.

Can Salem recover from this villainous spree?

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