"Dancing With The Stars" was back this week with another 2-hour long live show. This week's theme was Cirque du Soleil and fans loved the high flying, high energy dance routines that the contestants brought with them. While Ryan Lochte greatly improved from last week he did cause another interesting moment in the ballroom. While the Olympic gold medal winning swimmer was getting his score from the judges, fans were heard yelling out. Judge Bruno Tonioli was in the middle of giving Ryan his critique when female voices were heard shouting from behind him.

Bruno told Ryan to ignore them, likely thinking that Ryan was being heckled yet again. However, it's now being revealed that the yells were positives ones, and that the women were fans of Lochte's.

Ryan Lochte heckled again during 'Dancing With The Stars?'

Bustle reports that the two women were yelling "Go Gators" during Ryan Lochte's "Dancing With The Stars" scoring this week, and that's not a bad thing. The fans were seemingly referring to Lochte's alma mater, the University of Florida, whose mascot is, of course, the gator.

It seems that the women were just fans trying to support Ryan's "DWTS" run, as well as get his attention. Sadly, it is easy to see why the judges, fans, and even Ryan himself would be apprehensive when it comes to any fan reaction after what happened during week one.

The 'DWTS' family has Lochte's back

As "Dancing With The Stars" fans will remember, Ryan Lochte had just finished his dance with partner Cheryl Burke when two men came rushing on to the dance floor.

The men were protesters who were unhappy with the swimmer after he reportedly exaggerated the truth about being robbed at gunpoint during the Rio Olympics over the summer. Two other female protesters were also in the audience yelling things like "liar" at Ryan. Professional dancer Derek Hough stepped in and the women were removed from the ballroom. Lochte later revealed that he nearly quit "Dancing With The Stars" because of the scary interaction.

Thankfully, this time around it was all positive for Ryan Lochte.

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