Who knew "Dancing With The Stars" contestant Ryan Lochte was such a mama's boy? He actually dedicated that hot Salsa dance that he and Cheryle Burke offered up last week to his mother, who was in the studio audience. After making the dedication to his mom, who was sitting next to his fiancee in the studio audience, Lochte ran over and gave his mother a big hug and kiss.

Mama's boy tag a bit too harsh?

Mama's boy might be too stiff of a sentence for Lochte, who shared his appreciation of his mother with the "Dancing with the Stars" viewers last week.


He said the dance was just "a little token" of gratitude for his mother and then went on to thank her for just being who she is. He had previously talked about how his mom stood by his side through everything he went through in the past year, according to Swim Swam News.

How he treats mom indicates how he'll treat a wife?

How did his fiancee Kayla Rae Reid feel after watching him do such a hot dance with his beautiful partner and then run up to his mom to plant a kiss and give her a hug?


Was she feeling a bit left out? Whether she was or wasn't, she can be thankful for one thing that Lochte demonstrated by heading right to his mom. They say if you want to know what type of a husband a man will make, just watch and observe how he treats his mother. This is the way he will treat his wife.

Fiancee in luck!

Well if that old adage holds any water, Reid has got herself some good husband stock in Lochte! It was Latin Night during last Monday night's "Dancing with the Stars" show and the Salsa performed by Lochte and Burke earned them a 30/40 score.

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Dancing With The Stars

Dance on for another week!

Lochte and Burke earned their way into another week's "Dancing with the Stars" show and this Monday the duo will dance their way into the nation's living room once again. Week 5 was a contemporary dance, Week 6 was the Salsa and this week, which is Week 7, will have Lochte's fans on the edge of their seats to see if he and Burke can pull it off again!

Bigger and better awaits Olympian? 

Lochte has another gig waiting for him upon completion of his "Dancing with the Stars" run.

He will star in a movie alongside Sharon Stone, Ellen Burstyn, Tony Goldwyn and Famke Janssen. "A Little Something for Your Birthday" is the name of the film, according to All Media NY. 

Sharon Stone's character is working on getting away from an overbearing mother as she is trying to make a name for herself as a fashion designer. It is not clear on what role Lochte is slated to play, but it is Tony Goldwyn who is Stone's love interest in the movie.


The film will shop for buyers next month at AFM.

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