"Dancing With The Stars" contestant Amber Rose felt the comment made by judgeJulianne Hough was not called for during a dance move that Amber was attempting on the show. Despite Hough denying that what she said was a "body-shaming" statement, it was embarrassing for Amber, who is self-conscious about her shape. That comment came as Amber had been giving this dancing competition her all.

Amber felt singled-out!

Amber points out that the professional dancers on "Dancing with the Stars" have tight toned bodies compared toher body.

This was enough to make her uncomfortable without Hough throwing the comment at her that she was "uncomfortable" watching as Amber made a tough dance move. Amber explains how she sees the other dancers dressing in the tight and very sexy costumes and they get the crowd roaring in applause, but she's a bit self-conscious about her butt, hips and breasts.

Treacherous leg lift!

The comment that Hough made came at the exact time that Amber was doing a dance move that entailed lifting her leg up while Maks, her partner dipped her.

This is when Hough spewed, "Oh, I'm uncomfortable" as if she were uncomfortable for Amber as she watched this move.

Amber said she "instantly felt body shamed." The move was uncomfortable enough for Amber to do, but that comment seemed to spotlight this for the audience. Hough, on the other hand, said that she did not mean the commentin the context that Amber took it.

Hough claims 'uncomfortable' taken out of context

Hough claimed that her "uncomfortable" comment was because she wanted to see more come out of the performance by the way of energy. She said when someone is attempting a sexy move like this in a dance and they don't demonstrate the right amount of energy, that could be uncomfortable for folks to watch.

Was she suggesting that Amber's "Dancing with the Stars" performance falls into that category?

Respect and no bad blood

Still this explanation didn't do much to make Amber feel any better, but she did say how much she respects Hough as a judge. So at least there is no hard feelings between the two as they work together on "Dancing with the Stars."

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