After last week's Face-Off night on “Dancing With the Stars,” contestant Amber Rose accused judge Julianne Hough of body shaming her. Julianne has explained to Amber that she was commenting about her dance and not about Amber's body. On Tuesday night's results show when the judges' comments were played back, Julianne clearly could be heard saying she felt uncomfortable when Amber and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were dancing a salsa. After Amber spoke out about Julianne's comment, Julianne responded with an explanation.

However, Amber won't let it go. Therefore, older brother Derek Hough has intervened on behalf of his sister.

Amber Rose's accusation

When Julianne said she felt uncomfortable, Amber Rose mistook it as a negative comment about her body. That wasn't the case at all. All the judges talk among themselves while watching the performances. Amber talked about Julianne's comment on her "Loveline with Amber Rose" podcast last week. The 32-year-old model, actress, and fashion designer claimed the judge body shamed her when she lifted her leg and Maks dipped her.

Amber has threatened to really give Julianne something to talk about when she and Maks dance to a Cirque du Soliel routine on Monday, October 3rd.

Julianne Hough's explanation

After hearing about Amber's accusation, Julianne issued a statement last Friday where she responded and tried to give a good explanation. The judge who used to be a pro dancer herself on the popular ABC dance competition show explained that her remark was her reacting to the quality of the salsa she was judging.

The 28-year-old emphasized that she has been a strong proponent of female empowerment and an anti-bully advocate for years. She concluded that she does not engage in any form of body shaming.

Derek Hough's intervention

The six-time "Dancing With The Stars" champion has spoken out about Amber's accusation that Julianne body shamed her. The 31-year-old dancer defended Julianne by saying he knows his sister, and she speaks kindly of the people she works with.

Derek said Amber must have misunderstood the context of Julianne's comment. Derek wants Amber to know that his sister would never body shame anyone. Besides, she is there to judge the dances and not people's body size or shape. Derek is hoping that Amber and Julianne can clear the air about this because Amber's perception of the comment is totally false.

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