It is always good to watch "Dancing with the Stars" especially when viewers know what to expect. Four wonderful things are happening on the ABC popular dance competition show on October 24.You might already know what those four things are, but just in case you don't know, here's the scoop.

Judge returns

Head judge Len Goodman returns after been absent for a few weeks because he also judges "Strictly Come Dancing" in England. Last week Goodman was replaced by Pitbull who performed "Greenlight" before sitting at the judges' table.

When Goodman returns, he will see that some Celebrities have been eliminated while he was away. However, the judge will see them again when they return on the final episode of the show in a few weeks.

Eras Night

Judge Goodman returned in time to judge dancers onEras Night. That's when couples will perform dances that were popular in the eras from the1920s to the 1990s. Those dances include the Charleston, jive, jitterbug, quickstep, rumba, tango, foxtrot, and samba. The remaining eight couples will do their best to get a high score to keep them safe from elimination next week.

Group Dances

The eight couples will be divided into two groups of four couples. Team Pastincludes all the remaining males and Maurine McCormick. James Hinchcliffe is the group leader. Laurie Hernandez is the captain of Team Future that includes all the women dancers except Maurine McCormick. Everyone in the group will receive the same score that will be added to their individual score.


The couple eliminated will be anybody's guess, but the odds have been narrowed down to two contestants.

Some viewers think Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte will be eliminated based on his low scores all season. Besides, he and Cheryl Burke have been in jeopardy during every elimination episode. Their time might have run out.

The other person who might be eliminated is Maurine McCormick. The former "Brady Bunch" star has been at the bottom of the leaderboard all season. She and Artem Chigvintsev standa very good chance of being eliminated.

Watch "Dancing With The Stars" on Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC to see if Lochte or McCormick will be the one sent home.

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